Why the Smollet-Thing is a big deal!

And that, my dear reader, is where the cookie implodes!


What he did!

Jussie Smollet paid two black (!!!) people to (literally pretend they are white…) stage a homophobic, racist attack! It’s as simple as that. But the details were oh so delicious. He claimed to have been beaten up, had a noose put around his neck and been poured over with bleach (are you getting the image?) while being yelled at with derogatory terms about his sexuality and race. Oh yeah, and he paid $ 3,500 for it!
To plan something like that and being caught, I have to admit on a personal note that this seems like the definition of poetic justice or/and karma. Especially in the political predicament the (not so) United States (anymore) are finding themselves in at the moment.
To summarize it: A black, gay actor staged a racist, homophobic attack in a politically divided country to benefit his career (or to put it bluntly: for the almighty green, which they pretend to despise, don’t they)!

What it implies!

According to the media, celebrities AND (of course) high power liberal politicians like Harris and Biden (presidential candidates at the time) the case was clear: white supremacyyy! Canon fodder for the narrative. And one naively could assume that as quick they jumped ON the train, as quickly they would be to denounce the perpetrator of such a horrific hoax, right? But man, am I wrong!
Nothing, literally nothing.
No retractions, no apologies, nothing of anything that would resemble any human decency in the face of the uncovering of the staging of a crime that would have been one of the worst, dehumanizing act of violence against a member of a minority if it would have turned out to have happened like it was staged!

And what has BLM to do with it?

As the truth found its way into the face of everyone there’s a little bonus on the side! Finally BLM has shown their true colours (no pun to find here) with releasing a statement in defense of the innocence of Jussie Smollet!
- The two white, MAGA head wearing Nazi’s turned out to be black!
- There was a check!
And so much more that proved, undoubtedly, his guilt (and deserved conviction) and still BLM “believes” Smollet because rAcIsM and the whole system can’t be and will never be trusted. And they openly outed themselves no just as abolitionists and how that’s why they can NEVER trust the police (but especially not the CPD, because logic is a felony and there isn’t just no trust, but no no no no trust as well) but as hardcore, identitarian marxists as well (and that turned out great whenever they were or are in power). By the way, the police will be replaced by a “utopia of community workers”, which translated means total anarchy and guerilla armies providing violence with no end… uhm I mean of course safety, peace and harmony!

What to do with it?

I started reading “The Gulag Archapelago” by Solzhenitsyn. This book is considered to be a driving force behind the collapse of the Soviet Union that ended tens of millions of lives by inner oppression! It deals with what had happened, how it escalated and is supposed to give a detailed analysis of the inner workings of what was in the past AND what seems to be the “new” and deeply anticipated “endgoal” for the United States. I just finished the first 100 pages, it’s a difficult book, but it paints a picture about historical reality (not just pretend to be btw) just as dark as 1984 did in a fictional context!

Back to Twitter at the end

Even though I didn’t find many tweets in defence of Jussie Smollet I found some worthy of a (uncomfortable) discussion.
The one that springs to mind, and I’m just paraphrasing the essence here was about comparisons between the Rittenhouse case and Smullet’s. It was something like that:
- murder of two people, injuring others walks free
- Faking a hate crime, not hurting anyone gets convicted
And something to the notions that this is a prove for the corruptness, racism and intolerance of the system of oppression called the United States of America. Oh yeah, and how the justice system is broken (while it ironically served it).
Man (imagine me sitting here, medium high pitched, sighing lengthly while stretching out the “aaaa”)… That’s how far gone some people are.
As bad as it may be: Rittenhouse was innocent by American Law. Period. And the media really didn’t do much to hide their propagandistic reporting, not only just concerned about “the narrative” but actively providing false information to the whole world AND getting caught by what seemed to be an attempt of jury intimidation.
Yet, there is nothing out of the ordinary enough to leave Whataboutism at the side-lines and justifiably denouncing someone who figuratively tried to throw a dirty bomb into a fire pit of a torn apart country — a country that is torn apart by politics that openly declare (at least at universities) they want to end the system of the United States of America because it can’t be repaired, but has to be replaced and tries doing this by conscious segregation of their people by what feels like any means they deem necessary!

Want sources?

Then go google yourself. We don’t expect our journalists to provide sources anymore, why would I care to give sources in an opinion piece! I can only say that I give informations as I have perceived them and nothing I said was intentionally lied about. I just thought it needed to be said!!



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