Why Taking Over The Universities Was The Best Coup Of The Left!

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7 min readFeb 11, 2022

In my continuous research about the development and implementation of far-left ideology into society, I think I know why it has become as hard as it gets to have an open dialogue with the people affected by it. And in part, it is indeed society's fault but perhaps not for the reasons you suspect.


At first, let me begin by stating that I don’t think the intrusion of radical left-wing ideology into universities and through them into society was the plan from the get-go. There are some theories about that out there, but I can’t verify them with certainty.
Intellectuals, traditionally and statistically, have always had a preference for liberal as well as more socialistic ideas as it is presumed that people who make their living off of teaching people do take a more compassionate attempt towards them.

Some statistics

This theory seems to be validated by several studies as mentioned in an article by http://www.insidehighered.com, which unfortunately didn’t source the original material but instead chose to interconnect only articles from their own platform. Here’s the link to it: research-confirms-professors-lean-left-questions-assumptions-about-what-means
I also found another article that references the same studies and results as the previous one on http://www.aei.org. Here I did find also the previously mentioned “most complete study from ten years ago”. The link is as follows: are-colleges-and-universities-too-liberal-what-the-research-says-about-the-political-composition-of-campuses-and-campus-climate

So, it at least seems to be correct, that academia has a strong tendency to skew left and goes according to the subject with a 4.5:1 ratio (economy) as high as 33.5:1 (history) liberals for every conservative nowadays. (please note that the latest article is from 2020, and the latest study mentioned is from 2016). That’s a quota if there ever was one.

Prone to the tendency of being more on the humanistic side of things which seems to be correlated with the level of education it would make sense that left-leaning individuals would be drawn to the profession of an educator, more than conservatives anyway. And which place to teach people about better ways would there be as in university, am I right?

The crux of the matter

Education is important! We have to all agree to that in my opinion. From elementary school to high school to college to university the level of assumed infallibility rises through the different stages of education. Universities are prone to be the factories of the future, mainly intellectual, leaders of the world in their respective fields. Whatever you learn at university must be the truth then, because it is THE institution for education and knowledge if there ever has been one. And that paradigm has played very well into the hands of left-wing indoctrination! It has become the main tool responsible for the attempted takeover of socialist, postmodern, and Marxist ideas within the western world.

Marxism — Politics with a (not just small) hint of religion

Even though we don’t deal with the original substrate of Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” (a piece I will read after I fought myself through “The Gulag Archipelago”) it is fair to say that even Marxism has evolved. One might take a look at China, an openly Communist country (and probably the only example ever that at least appears to work but still has people in concentration camps, so…), which created a capitalism-communist hybrid that is more likely to be the outcome for the western world instead of the Gulags of Stalin’s Russia to be honest. Nevertheless, the current climate has shown that Postmodernism has had quite some influence on Marx’s “solution” which created a “new” version as well.
Out of Postmodernism comes the notion of intersectionality, the ongoing, ever-widening spread of the denial of objective reality. Everything is subject to individual interpretation and each individual interpretation is as valid as the next. That’s why science and statistics don’t matter anymore, full steam for the narrative.
While the Marxist portion of the deed as far as I understand it comes from the viewpoint of society as a constant struggle for power between groups. Everything is group identity, the group in power is “the Oppressor”, and every minority is “the Oppressed”. (Everyone who sees a lack of intellectual consistency between both points gets a cookie! Tell me in the comments and I’ll clap). To give a more specific example: that’s the underlying characteristic of every “X is white supremacy” endeavor we’ve witnessed over the last few years.

  • Biology doesn’t matter as there is no objective reality (only nurture, not nature; postmodern notion) and is upholding white supremacy (the group claimed to be in power are white people and the group in power is always the villain!; Marxist portion)
  • Math is racist (upholding white supremacy) because 2+2=4 gives away the impression that correct answers are possible (postmodern denial of objective reality)
  • and so many more!

And finally, the problem where religious characteristics come into play is the Marxist doctrine of it being “the only truth”, the only right answer, and the only way to create a fair, equal society. Sounds pretty much like any given religion, right? The fight for diversity-inclusion-equity (it even has its own trinity) ends only if every institution, governmental, corporational, and societal has been converted, while postmodernism literally states that a full conversion will never be possible so the Fight. Never. Ends!

Here is the religious equivalent of politics. The one and only truth that has to be forced onto everyone in a holy crusade and every disbeliever gets burned at the stake. Anyone else is seeing a problem with that?

What is the universities impact?

The university as the medium of highest education has been set up on a pedestal, righteously so for the longest time I might add. Young adults enter there to learn stuff they didn’t know yet and to take it for the truth. While universities have been instances for people to learn scientific thinking they’ve turned into re-educational factories for critical thinking. They switched from “how to think” to “what to think” and tell their students that they must fight for it!

Now here we go, being confronted by an “army” of people who have been mistreated by the education which has switched objective reality with an ideological narrative but sold it for facts and it probably wouldn’t have been possible to the degree we experience it today if it wasn’t for the value placed on the educational quality of universities. That’s as close to a summary as I can come up with. And just as people trusted what they’ve learned in the past because universities were reliable in providing foundational truths to people they do still trust those institutions for the value of their information even though specifically the value of their information has changed. And these values are a conversation blocker, that only gets intensified by the dogma of “the only truth” which literally places everyone disagreeing in the realm of an uneducated being no matter how many facts and statistics are shown to prove their point. And in the background lurks the certainty that they have learned it in university, so it must be TRUE.

There are so many more things that coincide with this observation. It explains the arrogance of those displaying moral and intellectual superiority while arguing literally scripted, always repeating points. The amount of noise comes from those religiously indoctrinated people walking out of universities figuratively on the streets to protest. And the worst part is the hive-minded aspects that all you hear is the idea indifferently of who is spouting it. You could talk to anyone about any given topic and the reasoning, the arguments would always be the same. And you can make that generalization after hearing the first argument.

Maybe that’s a solution to at least identifying exactly those people with which it is almost impossible to communicate, also because mainly they are not willing to. I still don’t know how to reasonably get through to them, which words to use just to motivate them to at least consider questioning their ideas and see them for what they are: after all, living pretty much everything they criticize about society while playing the savior, using the metaphorical whip while telling everyone it’s candy.
But the question remains. How, if the biggest coup of the left was to take over universities? Because the fact that they learned this at a university makes it almost impossible to have them even consider the possibility that they’ve experienced probably the worst intellectual abuse in recent history!

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