Why didn’t #ForceTheVote appear on Medium?

source: https://pixabay.com/de/photos/wahl-w%C3%A4hlen-ausw%C3%A4hlen-entscheiden-2692575/

What is/was #ForceTheVote:

As far as I understood the Hashtag stood for an unique opportunity for democratic representatives to pressure Nancy Pelosi into bringing Medicare4all to the Floor by threatening to withhold their votes. Nancy was up for the election to become the Speaker and the Democratic Majority was so narrow that it gave grounds to actually change something the Democrats have been running on for forever.

How did #ForceTheVote happen:

As it seems the controversial left-wing figure Jimmy Dore was the start of this movement. He based his move specifically on the words of AOC: “to stop using polite language!” and that without making those in power uncomfortable nothing will change. Out of this and the realization of this window of opportunity grew the Hashtag #ForceTheVote to finally make Medicare4all happen, something that seems to have a majority support within the American population and especially within democratic supporters.


Shame on all of you! That just shows that the compassion you all are talking about is only good enough as long as its useful for your own advantage. Shame on all of you!



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