Where (the hell) to get information

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Let me give you the short answer first: You can’t!

As much of a blessing the internet is it is the same amount of a curse. Imagine it, you have literally the worlds knowledge at your fingertips. Information you would have to have studied at universities can be yours now with a simple google search.


Honestly, I start with this, because it’s the most obvious. News (and media for that matter) can not be trusted! Sounds a little conspiratorial but let me elaborate. I’m not sure if News have changed or if they’ve always been like that and it just escalated in recent years BUT all news are biased. May it be left or right or whatever, let’s say 98% of all news-sources are compromised placing agenda AND propaganda over truth AND well, monetary gain as well. Click-, rage-bait and fear-porn drive traffic, traffic accumulates income. And with our more and more obviously obstruction of being caught in an ideological power, that only deals in power news even more become an instrument to collect and use it by any means necessary, even if that means dividing the people by claiming this is peace!


Some might be surprised by that, some might not (I hope my dear 5 readers a month are in the latter category). Science to a large amount has been compromised as well, where the paradigm seems to have changed from an observation based result to an expected one. Science that doesn’t come out the way you want it to can be easily re-structured and made out to be what’s “best” for you and your opinions by data mining, statistical manipulation and so on.

The Internet itself

Well, wasn’t that a surprise, right? But yeah, it isn’t necessarily a source, that can be trusted. Yes, there are incredible amounts of accurate information, true information, but for every true thing there is at least one or two or infinitive amounts of information that either depict these accurate informations as untrue or “prove” other things. You CAN find truth on the internet, but you can also easily just find prove for YOUR truth, your intuitive understanding of things, about basically everything.
The truth is, the world is a sphere (to put it simply). But some peoples truth is, it is flat and holy shit, do these people have “prove”.

An unsolvable puzzle?

The situation seems precarious. No end is in sight, no solution. Where to find information I need about topics that interest me? Honestly, I don’t know.

  • I’ve gotten more and more enthusiastic about cooking, so that’s a lot what I’m looking after to improve my own dining-experiences.
  • I’m always in the process of improving myself, so there’s a topic that can be researched.
  • Meditation, mindfulness
  • I’ve grown an interest in gardening, sustainable gardening as well, in the hopes one day I’ll be able to grow my own stuff.
  • Talking about my own stuff, I’m as well trying to make more and more of my foods on my own. Noodles — I do that. Sweets — well I have to practice some more. And so on.

Truth shouldn’t be a construct of believe! (and it’s more and more becoming one)

But there’s a middle ground here. There is just no “one truth”, even though some things as gravity are undeniable. Maybe first we truly have to find our own truths, what we like, what we want to do and can do and finally to get an idea about who we are before we can have a positive effect on the world and additionally being able to figure out or better said decide where we get our information from!



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