What Zuckerberg’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s Podcast is telling us

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3 min readAug 29, 2022

and why everyone should listen to this episode! (Link of the episode below the article)

I’ve looked for a better picture, but nothing really hit me quite perfectly. This is the best I can bring in for the picture in my mind. (source: https://pixabay.com/photos/lightning-storm-arizona-monsoon-1158027/)

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my “Joe Rogan Experience” playlist and realised, that one of the latest guests was Mark Zuckerberg (Episode #1863, linked below). Most probably one of the least expected characters at the infamous podcast of the world’s most influential interviewer. I try to think of someone I would have expected less but just now I can’t come up with someone.

Why was he there

Well, obviously because his new oculus rift is on the horizon. Promotion, promotion, promotion. And which platform would be better for that cause than the probably reaching 1 B views a year podcast of spotify’s behemoth, the one who is still regularly appearing on my medium timeline with article “the end of the JRE” or “why the JRE will die out” and impressively creative, reality-denying articles like that.

What does it mean

Well, first of all: DEI (Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, for the uninitiated) doesn’t mean shit. Literally, the whole political correctness and woke… let’s call it stuff to be nice for once… it’s doesn’t mean anything as soon as it’s the lesser of two choices to make a profit as a company. Let me be absolutely clear — Mark Zuckerberg went to the enemy of the politically correct left, the socialist movement To. Promote. Stuff! It’s literally just as simple as that, period! But rather than to choose any other podcast to do it, he went for the JRE, the biggest Podcast so far, no matter the N-Word-Controversy, the Corona-Information-Controversy and every other single thing Joe Rogan did that made him a target of the lunatic left!

And it doesn’t end there. Even the media, as they usually tend to make a frenzy out of everyone who can be considered even slightly controversial was pretty toned down. The most typical “woke” article I found was on Yahoo.News claiming that Rogan and “The Zuck” are basically the same person (rich, white, powerful man arrogant enough to think they deserve the power they hold — that’s racism by the way, just sayin’), the rest was, except for the typical references of Joe Rogan as a “controversial comedian” (rather than the biggest interviewer of the world), quite handtame. That’s double-standards for you, when we know of instances where the media and the noisy minority of activists demanded cancellation for the sin of appearing at the JRE!

Change might be coming — and it’s about damn time!

Don’t get me wrong, this is by no means an attempt to discredit Mark Zuckerberg, of whom I’m not a fan to be honest, but who also presented quite humane this time around. This is an outcry about the hypocrisy of those who call themselves progressives nowadays! This is the showing-off of the double-standards under which they operate, waiting in the darkness for the next n-word-equivalent controversy to demand Joe Rogan’s head again, while failing to realise, that their own start to show what this whole economical wokeness movement is to companies: Business! And they seem to realise, that it’s bad for it!

As a bonus we might be facing a change in direction (I know, naive me, my dear 5 readers a month, but I have to hope), because if companies finally start to publicly letting go of this toxic religion that has become the enemy of freedom, individuality and responsibility, perhaps we even manage to steer the ship around and don’t arrive at Dystopia!



Name is pending

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