What if today was the last day of my life?

(source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/meteorite-a-hit-comet-destruction-1060886/)

What would I have done knowing it was the last day of my life?

And honestly, I don’t know. As creative as I think I am, I can’t seem to think of any profound or even profane answers to that questions. In my ideal self-picture I’d hope I would make the most of it. Play my guitar, talk to my best friend, trying to somehow (or at least hoping to) make every persons day perhaps a little brighter.

  • So, I think rather than going to work (even though I really do love my job) I’d grab my guitar, head out in the streets and make some music.
  • I’d call my best friend of 23 years now, having on those ultra deep philosophical conversations with him.
  • Well, I think in the evening I would spend the money I earned busking in a social place, perhaps having a beer or two.
  • I’d cook one last meal, definitively a steak, within my asian style home made noodle dish, that I’m doing almost daily at the moment (but mostly with chicken, not with steak every day)
  • And at last I think I’d meditate for a while, perhaps at some place in nature. I have a small river around 150m away from my flat. Taking in nature while calming myself, trying to experience this specifically one last time in an intense manner

Some time later…

I started this article a while ago, and it seems this break was quite helpful to get an idea of what I would do on my last day, if I’d know about it. But thinking about it and comparing my experiences over the last couple of weeks this is not as much of morbidity but rather an intuitive questioning about the intensity of experiencing life and circumstances.



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