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Name is pending
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


As I start to think more and more about what I could write on this platform sometimes I come up with ideas. Here is one of them.


Introducing: my first short format

In light of the Covid-Narrative publicly falling apart, a TRULY peaceful protest being used as the means to implement basically martial law and control over someones livelihood, we witness a time charged with the rise of totalitarian overreaches, almost religious glorification of the Pharma Industrial Complex (not science, let me make that clear) and political correctness as well MSM has become what I gently call Mass-Misinformation-Media (MMM). Over the course of the last two years many informations that have been deemed to be delivered by, who else could it be, white supremacist conspiracy hacks (or other dangers to society; not that there are any other dangerous groups according to a certain narrative, but anyways) turned out to become the official narrative.

Masks are basically useless (officially reported on a while ago by CNN as well), Ivermectin is actually medicine (and its creator is a nobel price winner), monoclonal antibodies are a legit form of therapy. If we dig deeper I can remember people being suspicious of the vaccination, claiming that Boosters in ever shortening time-periods will come, some of the people just mentioning possible side-effects where considered “harmful” and “dangerous” which have been proven, unfortunately I admit, correct. We live in a time where conspiracy theories literally seem to come true to an almost uncomfortable degree.

In this time, which sometimes feels to me like a parallel timeline a la Marvel, just with alternative-facts instead of universes I decided to pick my brain apart and digest commonly accepted truths in a manner as if they turn out to be false. And the consequences this could entail.

I can’t tell you, my dear 5 readers a month, how often I will do so, if it will become a longterm endeavour (which would be ironically hilarious considering it to be a short format; and yes, I’m aware that a joke I have to explain probably isn’t a good one) and how potent the actual possible volume of announced content will be. But I like the idea, and as I only have 5 readers a month at the moment I’m still convinced that I’m conveniently covered by the shadows of being unknown so that I shouldn’t really have to worry that anyone else is “stealing” my idea because they see some potential within it. Win-Win in my books.

With this I’ll end my short Introduction. Perhaps, and this just crossed my mind, we could make this a more open format. I got some ideas what to write about, but perhaps you want to engage with me and leave me some ideas you’d like to read about in a “What If”-Scenario. I can’t promise that I’m able to write about it, but I think it’s worth a try.

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Anyways, thanks for making it this far, have a beautiful day, where ever you are.



Name is pending

Away from politics more into stuff I feel like writing about with the hope to find myself in some topics. Join me on my travel to writers glory 😅