This interview has to go viral so hard…

… that even Corona gets jealous

I just leave this here for you. Tear me apart in the comments if you wish, but shit is about to hit the fan in the USA.

I’ve seen the referenced video a couple of days ago and was astonished: a right-wing militia group is actively reaching out to antifa, BLM and other groups on the left and the right to join hands, stating that the fight is not between left and right but will be between the government and the people.

In my humble opinion that tells a lot about the dire situation a country is in, even as it turns out that the so called right-wing militia isn’t as right wing as the media will have you believe. Just watch it for yourself, take those 39 minutes out of your busy schedule where you usually promote censorship, pushing new racial segregation and call out all the -isms and -phobes. Just be as unbiased for half an hour as you try to indoctrinate people to be AND JUST LISTEN ONCE. Listen what the censorship is doing that you so naively encourage.

I’m almost expecting this to be my last article here on Medium, but I thought so about a comment I made a few weeks ago as well. So who knows, maybe I will be surprised. Now here’s the video…



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