The biggest misconception about Meditation

“I can’t meditate, because I can’t (just) shut off my mind!”

It’s a simple reply, really. It’s an understandable one as well. If we think about meditation we probably see monks on our inner eye, with their gracious orange garments, most probably a bald head, sitting crosslegged somewhere under a majestic tree upon a hill. Some might even see this higher being floating a little above the ground, just to put some perspective to it.

What most of us haven’t understood, yet, is this:

In most explanations you get confronted with sentiments, such as that a calm mind is needed to meditate “successfully”. Even I thought so even though I’ve been on and off this topic for the last 20 years. I learned better a couple of years ago, when I stumbled over a certain meditational technique as I dove into the topic of lucid dreaming, but that’s something for another article (or two).

  • better focus
  • better understanding of ones Self
  • calmer demeanour
  • better resistance to outside influences, meaning not letting the “outer world” play ping-pong with your mood
  • and many more

It’s your reaction towards the insult or the behaviour of any person or situation, that creates your mood!

Your inner reaction, to be more specific. The thought-processes that you reply with to any given situation. Let’s stick with the previous example, shall we? You were told, that you suck and your mind goes off like “how dare he say that to me, how dare he speaks to me like that…” and so on and so forth. Or even worse, the inner reply is “he’s right, I do suck, I’m a disaster, a catastrophe on every level…”.



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