That’s What I Actually Despise The Left For

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3 min readFeb 18, 2023

and it’s not what you think it is. Or probably it is?


All my life I was left. In my late teens, I would have been considered a full-blown Marxist, without really knowing or understanding the implications.

I grew up with a left that preached tolerance, and peace. I grew up with the sentiment “make love, not war”, and “don’t do unto others as you want them to do to you” is my moral compass.

Some might think that the last sentence contradicts a few of my morality issues, especially with gender ideologues and pronoun-people, but that’s something for another article, my dear 5 readers a month. Today I want to talk about race, and how appalling I think it is that there’s even a need to talk about it.

Yes, you heard that correctly: appalling! Let me elaborate.

Tolerance means not judging a person on account of their color (or nationality for that matter). There was a term for it that is now deemed racist (as basically everything is): color blindness.

Today it is an affront to deny perceiving someone's race, to deny taking race into account at all. Today you have to point out the immutable differences between each other. It’s “white this” and “black that”, most preferably with certain emotional connotations within the context of oppressor and victim. Hence “white” has immutable negative connotations and basically, everything else is only always positive or it’s racist.

I grew up color blind. And I think it’s funny how people always seem to take it way to literal.

Being color blind doesn’t mean, that you aren’t capable of seeing that someone is of a different race than you are. It just means that it doesn’t impose any judgment on an individual person. It has ingrained in it that race comes after seeing someone as an individual, as a human being, and that it isn’t much more of a side-note. You can be a lovely person or an asshole, the fact that you are white or black doesn’t imply that or has any responsibility in it.

It’s mind-boggling to me what the left has become. They basically won with their narrative. You can say what you will, racism had become a declining problem within western society. Although probably a problem that will never be truly eradicated, just like many other problems, I deem it sufficient if these problems are at the outmost fringes of society.

But they couldn’t take the win! Today’s narrative is compelling evidence of this. Colorblindness and Tolerance have become “your race matters more than your individuality” and basically, everyone who doesn’t accept that is the enemy and has to be ostracised.

That in itself is highly problematic on a societal scale, yet it speaks volumes about what the left is about and probably always will be with their Marxist, Socialist implications. They turned from funding the KKK to preaching how wrong racism is to now re-implementing it the other way around. And they do re-implement it. The resentment against white people is astounding and it reminds scholars of the atrocity of WWII too much of the propaganda the Nazis produced back in the day.

It’s a fight against stereotypes by using stereotypes to define and segregate everything. It’s pitting the people against each other because in chaos there’s the chance of absolute control. When people tear each other apart there are “any means necessary” possibilities to uphold order and as anarchistic left-wing ideology claims to be it’s always absolute control it strives for. Control up to the degree of the thoughts you think and that’s something you should think about as long as you still can.



Name is pending

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