Relationships And Their Time Stamps

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Does a relationship have a purpose

Yes, I think it does and it’s not to continue on forever.

  • about yourself
  • about someone else
  • and from someone else
  • Learning together has reached the point, where both can’t learn from each other anymore
  • or one person reaches that point while the other one doesn’t and the metaphorical distance between both becomes too wide to leave room for compatibility.

The inherent tragic nature of friendship?

Yes, by that definition a relationship is something tragic, but mainly because of our expectations and the way we choose to view it. Even though we are aware that relationships can end, they shouldn’t. A son should always stay in contact with his mother, two lovers should fight for their relationships and not split up, friends should always be friends, etc. And within none of it is a realisation that maybe relationships are even supposed to end.

Tragic endings are hopeful beginnings

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting to throw away every relationship as soon as it gets challenging (maybe that challenge is there for you to grow and learn), but I’ve learned to observe my relationships very consciously. I don’t expect an end to them, but I’m aware that they most probably will have one. I can’t even say, that sometimes I hold on to a relationship longer than I should, even though I already know better. This is not a claim for perfection but rather a hopeful one.



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