I’m out of the partner-program — and I’m REALLY fine with it!


Natural Followers are my way to go!

Some more “some more math”

With my extensive pour-out of articles in February I learned at least one thing in March. Articles matter! Not just for views, but also speaking of “the dough”.

And there’s another interesting side of those numbers

If I take the numbers from my previous article I made $ 1,21 up until February 19th, when I published the article. There I mentioned 101 Views and 48 reads on my articles published in 2022. That means each view was “worth” $ 0,012 and each read amounted to $ 0.025, if I count the full income towards my articles from 2022.
As my overall income rose this year to, let’s stay conservative with my estimate, $ 7.50 and attribute that as well only to my published articles from 2022. That means each view was “worth” $ 0.029 and each read amounted to $ 0.088.


  • the value of a view doubled ($ 0.012 to $0.029)
  • the value of a read almost quadrupled ($ 0.025 to $ 0.088)
  • 1 view has become more valuable than 1 read previously was

Did I get lucky with my numbers?

To some degree I certainly did. While overall the “interest” in any given article I wrote has grown most of my articles this year still didn’t crack two digits, while only two have zero reads.
Out of my 22 articles 5 have reached those astounding heights of viewership (one did 10 views, which is literally the bare minimum to be called two digits).
I would like to to share my 3 best performing articles, one from January, two from February, which made together 167 views and 64 reads and cracked two digits in views and reads alike.

My top performers

1st Place

2nd Place

  • 18 reads
  • 11 min 9 s Member reading time

3rd Place

  • 17 reads
  • 7 min 23 s Member reading time

Bonus Article

Even though this one didn’t crack two digits in reads I still like to add it here as well. It was a very personal article that I wrote more for the means of catharsis and self-therapy as to actually think it could be very interesting for readers, hence I was even more surprised to just find out that it attracted my second highest Member reading time.

  • 9 reads
  • 42 min 52 s Member reading time

Three Lessons I take home with me


My original assumption, that “Natural Followers” are more “valuable” in terms of interest in your articles and also therefore in monetary gains seems to have been confirmed, all though I keep in mind that I can only work with the little data I have so far. But it seems like I’m at least not completely wrong with my thesis. I will keep up with this analysis should I be able to get back into the Partner Program at some point.


Interest in articles in temporarily delayed. I remember when I would check up my stats one hour later, two hours later and I would be disappointed that nothing has happened, yet. Instagram has ruined us all, hasn’t it, with immediate dopamine responses!


I stick to “I write what I want to write about”. I did cover a wide range of topics, indeed. Politics, philosophy, semantics, personal stuff, celebrities, movies, series, and more. Even though I can see the beginning of a trend of some topics being more interesting for readers than others overall I’m very satisfied with the development over the last couple of months and I don’t want to pressure myself into a niche.

(a really short) conclusion

Writing this article has made me really feel confident about reaching 100 Followers until the end of the year. I could calculate the best case scenario, but let’s be honest, even I had enough math for today. I’m sorry that I put you through this… again… But even if I don’t, I’ll still be fine, because if I keep writing now I at least prove one thing to myself (and on a side-note to the world): I write, because I really love it!



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