I’m An Individual

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3 min readMar 30, 2023

and I’m openly discriminating against collectivists!

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This is my identity, which is made up of many different characteristics, some of them immutable.

I am white. This is not my identity. It is an immutable characteristic that does not influence my identity or behaviors. I don’t see myself as a white person, I see myself as an individual. I don’t see other people as Black, White, Brown, Asian, or whatever. I see them as individuals. My race has no influence at all on my identity as an individual.

My sexuality is not my identity, although it is more influential than my race. The only time my sexuality affects me is when I’m deciding with whom I engage or would engage sexually and romantically. My sexuality is an immutable characteristic that is a part of me. It doesn’t define me nor does it associate me with people who share my sexuality or those who don’t. Sexuality isn’t a metric of judgment, it is purely a side-note of an individual.

My gender is not my identity! Just as the points above it is an immutable characteristic that doesn’t define me as a person or as an individual. I realize that my gender is biological in nature. It is a part of my identity, it probably shapes me more than the previous points yet it doesn’t define my identity nor does it make me associated with anyone who shares my gender.

None of these aspects are identities! The only metric for identity is individuality. It isn’t what color I have, who I sleep with, or what genitals I have, it is everything else surrounding it. And as an individual, I REFUSE to take part in collectivism!

I REFUSE to acknowledge superficial, collectivist ideas that all we are is the immutable characteristics with which we were born as.

I REFUSE to acknowledge that we are bound to these groups by association, losing any notion of individualism and free will in the process.

I REFUSE to be seen as less than I am because I am so much more than just the identity boxes that are placed upon me (or those which I’m allowed to choose) by people who are as bigoted as they come.

I REFUSE to adhere to behaviors that try to enforce a certain type of self-image on me.

The only identity I accept is individuality because it is infinitely inclusive and does not need special treatment. Individuality is everything, individuality doesn’t need affirmation or legislative force. Individuality doesn’t need a revolution, because it already is. Individuality is the remedy!

Individuals can have equality of opportunities, individuals can rise above racism, sexism, and all the other forms of discrimination that current identitarian collectivists try to re-implement.

Individuals are the future — the only future that will be worth living, the only future that provides the chance for true progress!

And I hereby announce: I openly discriminate against any form of collectivists, whether from the left or the right!

I discriminate against you by REFUSING TO PLAY YOUR GAME! I do not accept your rules!
If you adhere to any notion of group identity over individualism you are the enemy of freedom and democracy, you are a proponent of regress!

I hereby declare: I AM AN INDIVIDUAL!



Name is pending

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