Did AHS Season 10 leave the woke-train?

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Well, in the name of wokeness, where Hollywood basically seems like the fortress of woke I couldn’t help myself but to be surprised that it actually got quite a slap in the face, blamed and torn apart for it’s tendency to shit all over any place it gets (and this is at least paraphrasing here) as well as the end bombshell where a hord of untalented, pale vampire basically set the city on fire. To say this reminded me of certain “mostly peaceful” protests… I won’t do that of course. And I wouldn’t go as far as to imply that this was the picture they wanted to pay, if it wouldn’t be for the setting I’m going to discuss shortly.

Police — the other side of the coin

Even though there was the clash against racist, white cops the emphasis was pretty clear on how those who deserve to become these zombie-vampires (for a lack of a better word) are just a few of the many! It isn’t exactly defending the police force, but it definitely goes away from the generalisations we are used to and hints exactly at the problem: A few rotten apples!!!
As normal as that should be, it was refreshing to get it within a format that basically turned the famous “Feminist cries on the Streets because Trump got President”-meme into a season.


Well, it might be subjective, but I got the feeling that the constant notion of homosexuality got toned down quite a bit from what I experienced as some form of overrepresentation. Yes, there was a main character gay couple in the second feature, yes they kissed and tend to be sort of clingy to each other BUT considering that “Halloween kills” branded Michale Myers as homophobic, because he dared to kill a gay couple I was quite surprised that of the main characters the gay couple died first. Hell, they even killed off a group of truly obnoxiously portrayed at least cross-dressing males, and not just for the story to keep up but what seemed to be more like an execution!
And just with that said I got a feeling that sexuality, as well as the presentation of sex was overall toned down quite a bit within this season.


Another aspect that got toned down quite a bit. In both features the main characters were mainly white. The family in the first half was white, three out of four characters from the second half were white. Even though one might assume otherwise, but it is not that I really care how many white people are on screen. I do have a problem with forced diversity, though, as it is visible with so many shows and movies in current times. And that’s it in this series, there’s no character that feels forced to be there because of any reason other than character portrayal. No character seems to be put there because of quota, not many references are being made to race at all, which I have experienced as a return to storytelling over educating and representation.


Compared to some over-politicised notions (Trump is going to bring the purge f. e.) even politics have been toned down a ton. Yes, they tried to make Kennedy seem more of an empathic, righteous human being and they turned Nixxon into a literal caricature (even though I have no knowledge about how he actually was in real life, it’s just the physical appearance they choose for him). Also, Eisenhower was set up to be the bad guy, who entered this treaty with these aliens, but they still painted him as a well thought out, multidimensional character, one that fought with his decision and came to openly regret it with his last breaths. There was close to non 1-dimensional, stereotypical characters (except Nixxon, who almost hilariously got convinced to step down after getting anally probed), no notion of good guy — bad guy with those mainly implemented in the specific storyline. Even “Ike’s” wife came around at the end and tried to stop what she basically has made possible.

The Setting

“Less woke he’s saying,” I hear people contradict my point in outrage. “But there were PREGNANT men!”.

I know, there were literally pregnant men, pregnant gay men even. They even brought up the notion that men in such relationships might NATURALLY ache for the experience to have a biological child together, a topic that to be honest doesn’t cross ones mind very often. So one might come to the conclusion that biology doesn’t matter after all, am I right? Considering the notions of public conversation that “Gender is a feeling and men can be pregnant?.
But first of all, it was made clear within the context of the story that their pregnancy isn’t anything close to being natural! They’ve been abducted and experimented on by Aliens, which is quite a testimony to science if you ask me. They adressed the question “where does the baby come out of”, which would have been kinda hilarious if the situation wouldn’t have been so dire and the actual solution… well, it was bloody, to say the least. And this subtext actually continues if you consider that they basically put the story into a setting where every conspiracy theory is real: Roswell as a starter (which is actually quite necessary for the story) but after that we got the fake moon landing, Steve Jobs is still alive, oh yeah, and they even put Reptiloids in there! And even a few more intelligently woven into the fabric of seemingly omnipotent alien beings interfering with humanity.
So let me summarize: the story they’ve created, where they decided to write literally pregnant men into, which appears to be virtue signaling in the first place, but instead seems to have been put within the context of a ton of surrounding stories we consider as effectively unreal, conspiracy stories in the real world. If that’s not a shocker (and a message?), then I don’t know what is.



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